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Introducing Sensum

Sensum is a platform that captures, consolidates and analyses data streams from wearable technology. When this data is combined with traditional market research, it provides a 360º understanding of the customer, how they feel, what drives them and what they connect with.

Sensum can be used to test ads, in-store retail environments, websites, product concepts, customer and patient journeys .. the list goes on.

Through Sensum you can:

    • Gain better insight on customers’ actual (over claimed) behaviour;
    • Identify real-life “pain” points within your interactions with customers & patients;
    • Filter out bad concepts early;
    • Optimize ads to be more emotional and engaging;
    • Enhance website design for an increase in conversions; and
    • Create a better more emotional connection with your customer.

Sensum is the first and only platform to bring this type of data together in one place.

Use Case - National Rail Provider

The Sensum platform was deployed during customer experience testing for a national rail provider. Heart rate, Galvanic Skin Responses [GSR] and Valence were captured throughout a train journey from London to Edinburgh to understand how users truly felt about the brand and experience.

Audio, text, and video annotations were captured using the Sensum CX app. The coloured areas on the graph highlight the areas of stress that the customer felt at points in the journey, from taxi ride to the station, to collecting tickets and finding the platform, to moments through the journey itself.

The area of most interest was when a series of notations (about the wifi problems, cold tea and lack of cutlery with food) were complimented with compounding negative responses at an emotional level. Each problem was building on the stress response of the previous one, resulting in almost 1/3rd of the journey being associated with a negative experience, which became the over-riding emotion after the journey had taken place. This was obviously not what the brand wanted.

By gaining full 360º insight into customer behaviour operating practice changes were identified which would greatly increase the customer experience. Metrics were provided that gave evidence to top execs that the issues identified through using Sensum were the real things they should be focusing on.

  • Taxi ride to station
  • Collecting the tickets and trying to find the correct platform
  • Leaving the station and journey beginning
  • Compounded area of negative emotion
  • GSR Response
  • Annotation Point

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Fully-scalable to cover all of your testing requirements


Carry out testing wherever your customer is


Whether it’s media or an event you can understand what triggers a response


Synchronise multiple devices and sensors at once


Identify actual behaviours over claimed answers


Identify the winning selection from your testing


Trigger, view and report on user responses in real time


Deploy Sensum within existing testing procedures


Easy to use reporting to make decisions quickly


By viewing conscious and non-conscious responses you can build an emotional picture of users engagement


Validate key engagement points or areas of stress with your brand, experience or media

Presenting Sensum

"Emotion plays a very big part in what makes advertising effective. This kind of emotional power of advertising is something that is not always picked up by conventional types of advertising research. We’re very interested in new forms of research that directly measure emotional responses like what Sensum does."

Les Benit - Head of Effectiveness at Adam & Eve DDB

CNBC interview Sensum CEO Gawain Morrison on what insights we can see when comparing an interview with Vladimir Putin with one with Will.I.Am with one on the European elections.

Courtesy of CNBC


From customer user journey to media effectiveness you can find out a person's true feelings.


Deliver unique world first events using your body as the controller.

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